President Dilma Rousseff suspendert!

Det brasilianske Senatet har nettopp stemt: Det åpnes opp for riksrettssak mot president Dilma Rouseff (PT), og hun suspenderes fra stillingen i opp til 180 dager. Visepresident Michel Temer (PMDB) tar over midlertidig, og vil etter all sannsynlighet åpne OL i Rio i august. Dilma Rouseff vil komme med en offisiell statement kl 15.oo norsk tid. Her er navn i Temers nye regjering og PTs offisielle reaksjon:

Skjermbilde 2016-05-12 kl. 11.33.51

Stemmeresultatet i Senatet, kl. 11.34 norsk tid: 55 stemmer FOR riksrettssak, 22 stemmer MOT.


Michel Temers nye regjering

Tre navn er regnet som sikre i Temers nye regjering. Det peker mot mer høyredreid og nyliberal politikk.

Utenriksminister: José Serra (PSDB)

Landbruksminister: Blairo Maggi (PMDB)

Planleggingsminister: Romero Jucá (PMDB)


Dilma Rouseff taler til folket

Brasilanske medier melder at Dilma Rousseff vil tale til befolkningen kl 15.00 norsk tid. Det skal også sendes en forhåndsinnspilt video.


Michel Temer tar over

Klokken 16.00 norske tid vil visepresident Michel Temer få beskjed om at han er midlertidig president. Også han vil holde en tale til befolkningen, melder brasilianske medier. Det forventes at han der vil annosnere sin nye regjering og en del umiddelbare tiltak for å bedre økonomien.


PTs offiselle reaksjon

(raskt oversatt med Google translate)

“The admission of the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, approved by the Senate, is the continuation of the coup against democracy and the constitution.

Again in our history, the elites trample the popular vote, paving the way for the imposition of an illegitimate government. The country is being taken over by the worst exponents of the oligarchies of power, monopolized media and plutocracy. Unable to win at the ballot box, they turn to institutional farce to overturn a ruling elected by the majority of the Brazilian people and did not commit any crime.

The setback in this May 11, before the forces of infamy, treachery and coups, will be replied with redoubled courage to fight for the constitutional restoration and acquittal of President Dilma Rousseff, in the judgment of merit to be held within a few months.

The Workers’ Party, alongside the other members of Brazil Popular Front and the People’s Front without fear, and together with all democratic forces, remain mobilized on the streets and national institutions.

We are confident that the workers of the countryside and the city, the progressive intellectuals, youth and women will continue to fulfill its leading role in the resistance for legality. We know lead to all corners of the country to protest against the usurpation and the blow.

Our mobilization, plural and united, goes far beyond support for the government led by our party. Above all, we defend the democratic order and reject the program of the coup leaders, who plan Arrochar wages; reverse the readjustment policy of the minimum wage; mess with the rights of pensioners; annul constitutional bindings health and education – in short a regressive, anti-people and anti-national program.

We will not rest one minute until the president of all Brazilians, sufragada in free and direct elections, return to state control, as is the sovereign and constitutional will of the Brazilian people.

No to the coup. Temer out!

We will return!

Rui Falcão
National President of the Workers Party
Brasilia, May 12, 2016.»


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